"You alone we worship; You alone we ask for help." 

The Quran  01:05


  "If people knew about the reward

   for Fajr and Isha Prayers, they 

  would come (to the Masjid) 

  even if they had to crawl." 

  Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) 


 "No wealth (of a servant of Allah) is decreased because of charity."

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

To Control the Spread of Coronavirus

Masjid Darul Huda Will Not Have Daily Prayers until Further Notice. 

Please visit the website on Sunday March 22 for updates regarding Daily prayers. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding during this difficult time. May Allah keep us all safe from this and all other terrible diseases. Ameen 

Daily Prayer Times


March 21st - March 31st

**Fajr - 6:15 am**

    Zuhr - 1:30 pm  

 Asr - 5:45 pm 

       Maghrib (Sunset)

     **Isha - 9:15 pm**   

 Friday Prayers 

            **1st Bayaan 1:00p - Iqamah 1:30p**           

  **2nd Bayaan 2:05p - Iqamah 2:35p**



What does "BAYT ALLAH" mean in English?

In Arabic, the word "Bayt" means "House". So "Bayt Allah" stands for "House of God".


Insha'Allah, with your help make Major Improvements and Repairs inside and outside of the Masjid in the next 6 months.

What kind of major improvements and repairs are planned for the masjid?

- Replace 15 year old standard ceiling tiles (which are starting to crack, mold and fall

  apart) with GreenGuard Indoor Air Quality Certified - Waterproof - Durable and 

  Beautiful Vinyl Ceiling Tiles with a Lifetime Warranty ($4000 labor included).

 - Replace the existing lighting system of the Masjid with Brighter, Longer Lasting 

   and More Energy Efficient LED Lights ($2500 labor included). 

 - Existing indoor/outdoor sound system of the Masjid is outdated and needs an

   upgrade ($1500).

 - Upgrade Inside and Outside Security System of the Masjid ($4000 labor included) .

 - Install Water Pumps to Remove Rain Water from the Roof of the Masjid to Prevent 

   Water from Leaking into the Masjid and other Major Damage to the Roof ($2000).  

 - For Better Air Quality inside the Masjid. Install Customized Air Ducts which will

   remove Old and Stale Unhealthy Air from the Masjid and Pump in Fresh Air ($4000).

-  Remove and re-paint chipped and cracked paint - Front and sides of the Masjid 



 - Replace Existing Carpeting of the Masjid ($15000 labor included).  


                                                                                                              TOTAL COST: $34000


Insha'Allah, in order to complete The Bayt Allah Project within 6 months. There are two ways in which you can help. 

OPTION 1 - Commitment  from atleast 150 people to provide $40 a month for 6     

                    months. That's $240 for 6 months or little over a $1 per day to Complete  

                    The Bayt Allah Project. You can either make a one-time payment of $240 

                    with a check, Cash, credit or debit card or you can set-up a $40 per 

                    month recurring payment for 6 months on your debit or credit card with 

                    Masjid's Paypal Account. 

OPTION 2 -  Individual Commitment to one or more of the Improvements mentioned above. 

                     Pay directly to the company for the Product(s), Material and Labor. 

Please contribute generously to Masjid Darul Huda's Repair & Upgrade Project!

Encourage others to take part in The Bayt Allah Project for Sadaqa-e-Jariah!

For more information. Please email or speak with Imam Abdellah Marhoum or Brother Umar at the Masjid.


                        *********All Donations Made To The Masjid are 100% Tax Deductible*********

                                                                   Tax Exempt #54-1674126

The Bayt Allah Project

Masjid Darul Huda - Saturday School Program Details



                                            - Quran Reading and Memorization

                                            - Arabic Language

                                            - Islamic Studies

                                            - Tafseer (For Inter & Adv. Students)

                                            - Ages 4 and up


                        - Table tennis

                        - Soccer 

                        - Basketball

                        - Football

                        - Badminton

                        - Volleyball 

Saturday Quran & Islamic Studies Registration NOW OPEN!

Application (pdf)


Masjid - Sadaqah - Zakat - The Bayt Allah Project

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